Crazy vibes!

Hey you all! Welcome to my blog. I decided to create this blog to remind everyone with their steady and normal life (including my future self!) that I went nuts some day and decided to ditch all that to start travelling with a low budget.

(And it feels dam good right now!) 

The travel plan is divided in 3 parts: Spain, Switzerland and SE Asia. I will be posting some insights on the destinations in a weekly basis.

If I can make my way back to Barcelona with money in June 2017, I would like to spend some weeks in some eastern Europe countries.

So who am I and why did I change my life like this?

For those who don’t know me, I am happy flowers dominican born and catalan raised girl. I have lived many years in Barcelona and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I am also a noob traveller, I started travelling not long ago and my first trip alone was just 1 year ago (in february 2016).

For the past (almost) 4 years I have been working across finance, admin and HR at DMI International, an end to end mobility company (is that ok Michael?!) with an international, dynamic, young and absolutely lovely staff❤


I always wanted to travel and to move abroad but for some reason I never did. It was not the moment, I didn’t have money, I didn’t dare, I was doing good at work, I was comfy at home… many good or bad reasons, good or bad excuses that got me stuck in my comfort zone.

In 2015, when I turned 25 I was super enthusiastic and thought… my 25 will be amazing and I will travel a lot! I will go around lots of different countries, I am quitting my job and just go!

I did not do it. My 2015-2016 was amazing, and I did travel. But not as I pictured in my head.

That thought didn’t leave though. And after my holidays in California, October 2016, I really felt this was my moment. In a matter of days I handed my resignation letter and began the real adventure.

And here I am… sitting in my almost uncle’s couch, taking advantage of his 5G wifi network and talking to myself through the laptop.


I guess only text and no conclusion in my very first post is a total failure, so here you have a photo from my trip to California. This is a crazy vibes post, so no conclusion for your organised and structured mind.